ByteRun HTML Protector 2.4

ByteRun HTML Protector 2.4



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: ByteRun

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* Completely encrypt the source of HTML pages.You won t find any words from your content in the protected source.It protects your JavaScript.It protects your web design.It protects the content of your site.It protects against form post-hacking.It protects against email sniffing. * Optionally set password on pages.Access to your pages will be given only to authorized visitors. * Optionally disable offline browsing.If someone decides to download your site and spread it offline, this can be stopped. * Optionally disable showing links.If your links are valuable, you can prevent them from showing, but still allow them to work. * Optionally disable text selection.This protects the content of your site. Nobody will copy and paste information from your pages. * Optionally disable right-click on pages.This protects against saving images from your pages.This protects against copying links from your pages.

Systems: Windows

Tags: pagesthis protects against   protects against   optionally disable   pagesthis protects   protects   optionally   disable   against   pages   content   site  

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